Transparent Dreams Stained Glass Studio

Susie Lavender Artwork

   20" x 27" stained glass


  • Design as shown
  • Choice of (domestically priced) glasses
  • Sandblasted Lettering
  • Lead/Zinc construction
  • Black patina
  • Insured shipping

    Estimated time of completion from Down Payment to Delivery: 3-4 weeks


  • 50% down, 50% upon delivery
  • Don't worry about suggesting changes.... it's part of the process in every commission. I've added the white spots and made the background look more like the drawing you sent.
  • I softened the colors, but they still do not show the beauty of the glasses we'll choose.
  • The lettering is as close to what you sent as I could find on my computer. Since the magazine wouldn't send me the font, I 'm certain I can make the final changes when I cut the sandblasting mask, making the font you see here into yours.
  • The thick black line around the outside represents a 3/4" zinc came that will give the piece sturdiness and a semi-framed look.
  • Let me know if the horse should be a dark grey glass (as above) or solid black glass (as at left).
  • If this design is acceptable as the final design, confirm that in an email and send the down payment to the address below ASAP. I will get glass samples off to you ASAP.

Mark Stine

Transparent Dreams Stained Glass Studio

voice: (303) 758-6059