enlarged stained glass,stained glass pantry door

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enlarged stained glass,stained glass pantry door


enlarged stained glass,stained glass pantry door


enlarged stained glass,stained glass pantry door






enlarged stained glass,stained glass pantry door


enlarged stained glass,stained glass pantry door



enlarged stained glass,stained glass pantry doorThis totally opaque pantry door stained glass was commissioned by a very nice couple in Missouri. They had been living with the arched hole in their pantry door for quite a while because they were not satisfied with the quality of the workmanship exhibited by the stained glass artisans that they had encountered. I'm not sure what caused them to search online and find me, but they loved my work and my web site, and were eager to go ahead with this commission as soon as they communicated with me.

They sent me an image of an oil painting that they wanted adapted for this pantry door stained glass artwork. They also wanted the quotation from Psalm 107:9 that you can see in the image. This was an ideal situation for vinyl lettering because the amount of the lettering and the small size of the letters would not have looked as good if done any other way.

After I did an initial rendition of the oil painting, they helped me to catch a few mistakes... things I had failed to assess correctly in the painting. Although I tried to color the drawing I did for them accurately, I knew that using all opaque glasses (because of no lighting inside the pantry) would make picking the final glasses tricky. They trusted me to select the glasses as I was cutting out the glass pieces. Afterwards, we decided to re-cut a few of the pieces to improve the final look.

This panel is copper-foiled. It measures about 19" wide by 50" tall. Everything other than the glass has been darkened with a black patina.

enlarged stained glassUPDATE

In the winter of 2020, I was again contacted by these clients. They had moved to a new home and taken this pantry door stained glass with them, hoping to use it in a new pantry door. They asked me to enlarge this stained glass so that it would fit the new opening. I wanted to come up with an enlargement that wouldn't look like an enlargement. It was fortunate that I discovered that I still had enough of the original glasses to do this. The result is shown here.

Below are photos of the enlargement process.

enlarging a stained glass windowAlthough a lot of careful planning went into matching the colors and the direction of the grain in the glass pieces shown here, I decided to recut about six pieces of glass in order to improve the match even more.

enlarged stained glass ready to solderAnd here is the original panel laid out within the enlargement and ready to solder. Copper foiling a complex panel such as this often leaves a bit of space between the pieces of glass. I came up with the idea of filling these small spaces by flattening some lengths of zinc came into multi-layered strips of zinc. These strips perfectly filled the gaps just outside the purple border along both sides and bottom of the panel. This made everything fit tightly prior to soldering, which strengthened the finished panel significantly.

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enlarged stained glass,stained glass pantry door