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words of affirmation stained glass


affirmative words stained glass


affirmative words stained glass






affirmative words stained glass


affirmative words stained glass

affirmative words stained glass


words of affirmation stained glass

This artwork, titled Words of Affirmation, is pretty amazing, even if I do say so myself. It was a great deal of work to design and to make. As I write this, I am looking at the finished artwork hanging in my living room window, and I am captivated... a very good sign!

It took me almost a year to finish this artwork because I could only work on it when there was no bread-and-butter commission work to do.

Because every letter in this artwork is done with a uniquely different glass, this artwork was very difficult to photograph well. The photo above looks good, but it is actually poor because the beauty of the colored glasses cannot be truly appreciated. I tried shooting multiple exposures at daybreak, at noon, in the late afternoon, on sunny days and on cloudy days. I just could not get a decent photo. Finally, I decided to angle the camera upwards slightly to get more sky and less house-across-the-street behind the stained glass. While that makes the photo above slightly skewed, it's close enough to appear round to the human eye.

As the photo is not great, here is a brief description of the colors, word by word...

STRENGTH is done in shades of orange (not red as some of the pieces look)
WISDOM is done in shades of teal / turquoaise
LOVE is done in shades of green
DREAM is done in shades of tan / amber (not yellow as it appears)
ENLIGHTENMENT is done in shades of purple
COMPASSION is done in shades of blue
HOPE is done in four different reds (the differences do not show up well here)
TRUTH is done in shades of brown
PEACE is done in shades of yellow-green
FUN is done in shades of mauve
TRIUMPH is done in different greens than in LOVE
GRACE is done in shades of pink
JOY is done in shades of yellow
YES is done in shades of light blue

This affirmative stained glass artwork is copper-foiled. The spaces between letters are gaps in the foil that were filled with scraps of lead (to save on solder) and then soldered over (I love my industrial soldering iron). The internal lines of each letter are defined by overlays made of zinc and lead and solder. They are soldered in place, except for the tiny pieces in the four letter A's; those are attached to the glass with tiny pieces of black, double-sided foam tape. The finished artwork has been washed and chemically treated with a patina that has turned all of the lead, zinc, and solder to a uniform charcoal gray.

The size of the stained glass is 30 inches. The oak frame (which appears black in this photo but is actually a natural-grain wood frame) brings the overall size to just over 35 inches. This artwork comes ready to hang, and I offer detailed instructions to all who are hanging or installing my stained glass.

The price of this stained glass is $2300.00. Contact me for a price that includes fully insured shipping if you do not live in or near Denver.

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