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stained glass church windows


stained glass church windows


stained glass church windows






stained glass church windows


stained glass church windows



Stained glass church windows are magnificent.

In late June of 2008, I was contacted by Associate Pastor Pepe Rojas after he surfed this web site. He was looking for stained glass artists to bid on a large number of stained glass windows for a proposed refurbishing of an historical building in Denver, Colorado. The building had been an old and venerated synagogue in Denver from it's dedication in 1897 until about 1960 when it was vacated by the Beth Hamegdash Hagodol congregation, which had built a new facility in a different part of Denver. I was excited to bid on this project because I could remember having been in the synagogue as a child. One of my most salient memories of that building was it's amazing collection of traditional stained glass windows, which I had seen long before I ever had any conncetion to stained glass.

The original stained glass had been removed and remounted at the synagogue's new location. The new building could not accommodate the original windows exactly as they had been in the old location, but the fact that they were large artworks made up of many small rectangles made it possible to adjust the designs, excluding some areas of the design and putting the rest back together in a way that made them seem like whole artworks. Also available was a set of photos taken of the original windows.

In the end, it was decided by the pastors of the new church, Church in the City, that I would share this commission with another stained glass studio in Denver. I wound up doing six of the fifteen windows (all by myself) and the other studio (of 8 people) did the other nine windows. By using the original photos in combination with visits to the new synagogue to view the actual (albeit revamped) stained glass, we were able to achieve the wishes of the church pastors, that is, to create new versions of the original designs.
stained glass church window - chalice

The window above is my rendition of one of the tall windows in the main sanctuary. Although the original windows relied heavily on paints fired onto the glasses to achieve many of the details, I tried to recreate those original designs with different colored pieces of glass instead, relying on black paint (kiln fired to make them permanent) for the lettering only.

All of the windows shown below are mounted in the hallway just outside the main sanctuary.

stained glass church window - sukkah This window depicts a Sukkah, a makeshift hut or booth topped with branches constructed for use during the week-long Jewish holiday of Sukkot. The sukkah itself symbolises the frailty and transience of life. In Judaism, a sukkah reminds its dwellers that true security comes from faith in God, rather than from money or possessions. The sukkah depicted in this stained glass serves as a temporary dwelling for Jews in a more nomadic period of Jewish history.
The window on the right depicts two Old Testament passages, which are written on the banner at the bottom of this stained glass window. The first one is, "And he shall be like a tree planted by streams of water." (Psalm 1:3) The second one is,"And a man shall be as a hiding place from the wind, and a covert from the tempest; as by the water courses in a dry place, as the shadow of a great rock in a weary land." (Isaiah 32:2)

All of the painting and firing of the lettering was done by volunteer members of the congregation. Although they were totally new at this, they met with glass artisans who have a great deal of knowledge about firing paint on glass and, in the end, they did a splendid job.
stained glass church window - rock
stained glass church window - crown
The stained glass window to the left includes a Torah scroll at the bottom with the following words, "The Torah is not in heaven; neither is it beyond the sea; but the Word is very nigh unto thee in thy mouth, and in thy heart, that thou mayest do it." (Deuteronomy 30:12:14)
The stained glass design in the window to the right depicts the words written in the Torah scroll banner at the bottom, "Choose ye the Sword - and it is a symbol of war and death - a world of Chaos. Choose ye the Book - and life abundant and blessed will be yours."

This window is obscurred at the top by a staircase leading up to the balcony level of the main sanctuary, hiding the top of the artwork when viewed straight on.

The upper portion of the stained glass can be seen in the detail photo below.

stained glass church window - sword
stained glass church window detail This photo shows the top of the window, which is hidden behind the staircase in the photo above.

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