interfaith stained glass,mixed marriage gift,judeo christian gift,interfaith wedding

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interfaith stained glass,mixed marriage gift,judeo christian gift,interfaith wedding


interfaith stained glass,mixed marriage gift,judeo christian gift,interfaith wedding


interfaith stained glass,mixed marriage gift,judeo christian gift,interfaith wedding






interfaith stained glass,mixed marriage gift,judeo christian gift,interfaith wedding


interfaith stained glass,mixed marriage gift,judeo christian gift,interfaith wedding


interfaith wedding present
This interfaith wedding present was commissioned in late 2013 for a wedding that will take place in March, 2014. That amount of time is perfect for a project like this, which takes a lot of communication. The mother of the groom contacted me, pointing out an artwork I made previously (see it here) that seemed somewhat like an idea she had to intertwine a Star of David with a graphic image of the Trinity. It was a marvelous idea that resulted in this marvelous interfaith wedding gift.

This hanging artwork has no wood frame, instead being surrounded by a 3/4" one-channeled zinc came. This gives a lot of strength and a finished look to the artwork. The background and beveled border are leaded with 1/4" lead came. The Star and Trinity are leaded with 5/32" lead came. All lead, solder, and zinc are treated with a patina that turns them a charcoal gray.

The names of the bride and groom will be added to the
wavy clear glass in the middle of this artwork, with the wedding date underneath. When I first uploaded this web page, the client and I were still discussing the font for the lettering. Eventually, I added the photo at the bottom of this page that shows the final lettering affixed to the artwork.
.interfaith gift
The colors of the wedding will be coral, blue and champagne. Coral is one of those colors that is hard to find in glass, but I found a sheet of red glass where the color fades from red to coral for about 6" along one edge of the glass. The photo at right shows the coral and blue glasses most accurately. It also shows the wavy clear glass inside the Star of David where the lettering will be added.
interfaith artThe main photo above does not show the artwork well. This is because some glasses block light (= opaque) and others allow light to pass through (= cathedral) and this artificial situation fools even the best cameras. This interfaith artwork combines opaque, semi-opaque, cathedral, and clear glasses in a way that delights the eye and commands additional viewing time. But only multiple photos can show all the aspects correctly. For example, the photo to the right shows a multi-colored glass in the background of this artwork that has many colors and every degree of opacity all in the same glass! A glass like this will generally look too dark in photos, as you can see if you compare the accurate photo you see here with the main photo above.
As you can see from the two photos above, the opaque glass you see in the main photo was not the first glass I chose for this artwork. At first, I selected the wispy pink glass you can see in the left-side photo. It looked coral when held to the light, and although it seemed to match the cathedral coral in the Star when held to the light, I was not totally satisfied when I saw the loose glass pieces lying on my work table. I contacted the client, and we agreed that the amber-multicolored glass you see in the right-side photo was a better fit.
mixed marriage wedding giftThe photo at right shows the sticky vinyl lettering we selected for this mixed marriage gift. The lettering is shown here very near actual size. You can probably see how the thin parts of the lettering are already becoming hard for the camera to see, even though this photo is shot from only about four feet away from the artwork. If we move even farther from the artwork, the human eye eventually suffers the same fate. That is why I usually try to talk people into fairly bold fonts; ones without serifs or other very thin parts. Here we chose one font for the names and another font for the date. We tried a bunch of combinations before deciding what looked best.
personalized mixed marriage wedding presentAnd here, the photo to the left shows the finished artwork hanging in my front window.

This is an ideal gift for a mixed marriage. Whether the union is Judeo Christian like this one or another of life's infinite possibilities, the design can be tailored to fit the unique situation. Plus, the addition of the names and the calendar date that commemorate this occasion makes this the perfect personalized interfaith gift.

The following is a testimonial from the woman who commissioned this artwork:

Mark Stine IS the most honest, creative, talented artist! I found Mark's Transparent Dreams website while researching stained glass. My husband and I wanted to give our son and his new bride a unique gift for their wedding that would symbolize the union of two wonderful, inter-faith people and serve as a family heirloom - a legacy - for our children's children's children. I read his site completely, studied his artwork, the craftsmanship, and learned about the characteristics of quality stained-glass workmanship. I then went to several local art shows and "studied" their stained glass artistry and technique utilizing Mark's guidelines for recognizing good quality stained glass. No one could match his craftsmanship - NO ONE!! So, I followed the commission process posted online, and emailed Mark. He followed up immediately, so I called him to discuss the details. He was so genuine, forthright, and honest. I knew at that moment I wanted only Mark to create my son's family heirloom! Over the months of creating the piece, he was very professional. His communications were timely, detailed, and included step by step pictures of the creative process. Then, our beautiful masterpiece stained glass window was completed and shipped. Our son and daughter-in-law were amazed and speechless when they opened their wedding gift surprise! They said it was the most beautiful stained glass they had ever seen! They said, "This is such a magnificent, unique, one-of-a-kind, gift! We LOVE it!" My husband and I are very pleased with our beautiful stained glass gift, and our entire experience working with Mark. I highly recommend him!

Mark, you are such an honest, fabulous, talented artist, and master of your craft! It's been such a pleasure working with you. Thank you.


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