beveled glass in a pocket door

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beveled glass in a pocket door


beveled glass in a pocket door


beveled glass in a pocket door






beveled glass in a pocket door


beveled glass in a pocket door


beveled glass in a pocket door This beveled glass panel is mounted in a pocket door in a home in Aspen, Colorado. The door closes off a small square foyer between the living room and the main entrance.

The bevels used here are all stock items. The centerpiece is made up of 7 bevel sets designed to fit together in multiple ways, allowing for a more unique design. The rest of the bevels, circles, squares, and rectangles are all available in boxes of 30 pieces.

By combining beveled sets and beveled geometric shapes, I was able to come up with a workable design that would fit into this door. Have you worked with bevels? It's very hard to get symmetrical layouts for the straight lines of bevels, particularly along the outside edge. Getting a bunch of straight bevels to add up to the exact dimension in both the horizontal and the vertical directions is almost impossible once the lead or zinc is also between each beveled piece. And getting the horizontal and the vertical to seem like they match is also almost impossible.

So I almost always try to talk clients out of bevels as the outermost border; I actually always assumed it was impossible. But this client insisted that was what she wanted, so I had to come up with a way to accomplish that. After trying the traditional look to ascertain that it was near-impossible, I hit on the idea of arranging these straight line bevels in a random order. The client didn’t take to this idea at first, but I convinced her it would be an intriguing change from the traditional, and it was the only way I could make this panel with an oustide beveled border.

Ordering the straight line bevels randomly allowed me to get within 1/2” of the distance I needed on all of the defined spaces. Then, if the row of bevels was too long, I ground off a tiny bit along two dozen glass edges and if the row of bevels was too short, I added a dozen or more thin (lead) shims between glass and lead (or glass and zinc). In this way I was able to make a tight beveled panel with stock bevels around the outside edges.

Two clear, textured glasses were used along with the bevels, a soft swirl (clear baroque) in the central background and a heavier texture in the very center of the design and in the border.

About two months after I installed this beveled door, the client wrote me the following in an email

"Just wanted to tell you again how very much I love our door.  I enjoy it every day and it is the highlight of my home.  Terry  Thank You!"

beveled glass in a pocket doorThe photo to the right was taken with the outer door open. > > >
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