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stained glass mirror


stained glass mirror


stained glass mirror






stained glass mirror


stained glass mirror



stained glass mirrorThis stained glass mirror is actually two separate stained glass panels held to the walls of this guest bathroom with standard mirror clips. You can see how they reflect each other (you can also see the camera shooting the picture on a self-timer), which makes it the ideal bathroom mirror since one can see oneself from the side as well as from the front, making it easy to straighten one's hairdo!

Stained glass mirrors are projects that just about every stained glass artisan gets around to sooner or later. I made lots of mirrors many years ago when, as a hobbyist, I used to use patterns that other people had designed. Even after I started creating my own designs, I still made lots of mirrors. Back then - and I mean more than 30 years ago - I used to make "production" pieces. That is, I would design fairly small window-like artworks, including mirrors, and then produce them over and over again in slightly different color schemes. I would sell them in gift stores and at craft shows.

As for mirrors, I made the obligatory hand-held type, the tabletop put-on-your-makeup type, and the hang-on-the-wall type. I'm not knocking production work at all... more than a few stained glass artisans have excelled at this type of work, and some probably make more money at stained glass than I do! I'm just glad that it didn't thrill me enough, so I decided to move on to mastering the art of making one-of-a-kind artworks. Actually, this period in my progress as an artist was probably more crucial in my achieving the level I'm at now than I have ever given it credit. It allowed me to practice, practice, practice, and to invent and fine tune the techniques that I now use with every project.

To those of you who do this kind of work or who are novices who've progressed to this stage, I want to encourage you to constantly push yourselves to achieve more... both in design and craftsmanship. I believe that everyone has it in them to be an artist. The biggest block is the wrong attitude, saying aloud or to yourself, "I could never design something on my own." YES YOU CAN!!! Both design and craftsmanship are skills you can achieve with [1] the right attitude, [2] the willingness to seek out quality instruction, [3] the determination to constantly strive for better work, and [4] the perseverance to never give up no matter how many duds you create. Remember, Mark Stine says you're an artist the moment you think you are one and begin to self-identify yourself as an artist to yourself and to others! Beyond that, it's just a matter of how good an artist you become... and you can control that too! If it's stained glass you want to master, you might want to visit my Stained Glass Class on DVD page. To do that click on the link that says "Classes on DVD" at the top left corner of this or any page on my web site.

P.S. This is another example of a project I made a long time ago (this one back in the 1970s!), so the photograph is not great.

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