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custom beveled glass window


custom beveled glass window


custom beveled glass window






custom beveled glass window


custom beveled glass window



custom beveled glass entry 01There's nothing quite like custom beveled glass.

Here is a project that took a great deal of time, patience, and skill. There are over 2000 bevels or 6400 inches of custom beveling in this all-beveled glass door with 2 matching sidelites (only 1 sidelite is shown). This project was commissioned by an interior designer for the entryway of a very exclusive home. If you are at all familiar with beveled glass, you'll probably recognize the inner design of these panels as a fairly standard design in the world of beveled glass. That's because these new beveled glass windows had to match some older beveled glass room dividers that were already installed in the foyer. The vines and leaves of the border design were new themes that were being employed in many places throughout this extensive home remodel. Hence, the design of these fabulous beveled glass windows ties the old design elements in with the new design elements.
custom beveled glass entry 02
The beveled edges here are 1/2" wide and done on plate glass that is 3/16 of an inch thick. Bevels are also available, both off-the-shelf and custom made, on glass that is twice as thick, or 3/8 inch thick. Examples of these "double-thick" bevels in my own work can be seen at the following two links: off-the-shelf double thick bevels and custom made double thick bevels.

These beveled entry windows are leaded with 1/4 inch (wide) lead came. Getting a precision fit when working with custom bevels (off-the-shelf ones, too) requires that I re-grind each bevel as I lay them out on the full size drawing in order to get an exact fit during the process of leading the window together. Not many beveled glass artists go to the effort of re-grinding each piece this way. I think the final look is worth the effort. A precision crafted fit between the bevels and the lead came means that I did not have to add steel support bars to the back of these beveled glass panels, adding even more to the unobstructed elegance of this custom artwork in beveled glass.

If you're considering a custom stained glass that includes bevels, read more about the use of bevels in my artworks.

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