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odd shapes stained glass


odd shapes stained glass


odd shapes stained glass






odd shapes stained glass


odd shapes stained glass



Here are two examples of odd shaped stained glass artworks, both of which hang in larger windows. This special situation requires an advanced knowledge of the strength of the various structural components available to the stained glass artist. Too often I have seen stained glass artworks for sale in galleries or shops or at craft shows that will certainly NOT stand the test of time. This is because the artisan knows too little about what materials to use where... whether to use lead or copper foil in the interior of the artwork... what material to use around the exterior of the artwork... how to add hanging loops in a way that will remain viable over time... etc. These issues (and others) are all vital to the longevity of a stained glass artwork. Odd Shaped Stained Glass

odd shape stained glass

My stained glass and beveled glass artworks are always more than sturdy enough to remain intact, regardless of whether the artwork will be mounted or will hang.

In the case of the artworks you see here, I have used zinc cames in the interior as well as lead cames. Also, the wires from which these artworks hang actually attach to the interior zinc cames and are routed through extra eyelets (keeping the wires hidden) until they "exit" at the top of each artwork. These extra efforts allowed me to use a very small U-lead came (one channel versus the usual 2) around the outside of the artwork.

The artwork above was made in 1989 as a wedding present for one of my first cousins. Some years later, a web site visitor asked whether this artwork was available or whether I would remake it for her. I contacted my cousins, and they were happy to let me sell it to the other woman as long as I would make them another. This opportunity allowed me to redesign the second artwork (at left), so it would mimic the shape of the window in which it would hang.

I see the second version often, so I can assure you that it has not sagged or lost its shape in any way for well over a decade.

Note: An imported glass crystal sphere hangs on a fishing line filament in the small circular cut-out at the center of each of these artworks. It's a bit hard to see in these photos, but it makes a lot of rainbows in the room when direct sunlight passes through it.
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