sorority stained glass,stained glass and beveled glass together

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sorority stained glass,stained glass and beveled glass together


sorority stained glass,stained glass and beveled glass together


sorority stained glass,stained glass and beveled glass together






sorority stained glass,stained glass and beveled glass together


sorority stained glass,stained glass and beveled glass together


sorority stained glassIn the winter and spring of 2015, I made this unusual stained glass commission for the Delta Delta Delta Sorority House "on the Hill" in Boulder, Colorado.

The space designated for this artwork was three openings located on the landing of the main staircase. Because this old and venerated building had been added to over the years, the upper stained glass panel looked out a window onto a second story patio while the lower two stained glass panels looked at a cinderblock wall.

The clients wanted to use beveled glass and stained glass together, but the odd configuration of the windows called for some inventive thinking in order to do that. In the end, we decided that the upper panel would include custom made beveled glass and that same design would be reflected in stained glass (but not beveled glass) in the lower two panels. The upper would be lit by daylight and the lower would be lit by LED lights hidden behind the wood in a white-painted lightbox. This would result in bright even illumination to the stained glass on the bottom whenever the LEDs (on a dimmer) were turned on. Also, the opacity of the stained glasses needed for the lightbox would also make the stained glass look good when the LEDs were turned off.

I submitted scale drawings of a number of unique ideas for this sorority stained glass project and the clients chose the one you see above. It was also decided to use double thick bevels, that is, bevels that would be custom made using 3/8" (10mm) plate glass instead of the usual 3/16" (5mm) plate glass. This would greatly enhance the rainbows created by the beveled glass and projected onto the walls of the staircase.

custom beveled glassThe upper panel is all bevels and blue glass. The lower section is all colored glass, with a wispy white glass border below that mimics the beveled border above.

<<< This photo to the left shows the depth of the double-thick beveled glass. These bevels were made by Action Bevel. The central part was designed on a CAD (computer aided design) program and were extremely precise. The bevels in the outer border were cut by hand, and so they were less precise. They required the extra step I always take when working with bevels - re-grinding them one at a time to get them to fit correctly.

Because this sorority is located in Boulder, Colorado - only an hour from my studio in Denver - the clients met me at the wholesale stained glass supplier in Denver, and we chose most of the actual glasses together. They also paid a visit to my studio on another day to review our glass choices just prior to beginning the construction phase.

stained and beveled glass together
Because of the odd combination of natural and artificial lighting, I knew ahead of time that this artwork would not photograph well. For that reason, the main photo above is stitched together from photos I took of the stained glass panels prior to installation. To the right is a photo
>>> of the actual installation with daylight coming through the upper panel and the LEDs lighting up the lower panels. See how different the background blue looks lit by daylight above and by artificial lighting below. To the human eye, the blue looks the same in both places.

The wood surrounding the stained glass is quite decorative, but there's no way I can show you that in a photo that also shows the stained glass.

Wonderful clients. Wonderful outcome.

And here are the rainbows cast onto the foyer floor by the beveled glass in the afternoon sun.sorority stained glass detail

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