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action bevels leaded window


action bevels leaded window


action bevels leaded window






action bevels leaded window


action bevels leaded window


action bevels window
This pair of beveled glass panels is mounted in a staircase landing window in Denver. The clients wanted privacy both ways... to keep the next door neighbors from seeing in and to hide the
house next door from their view.

Because the house next door is quite close to this home, I decided to photograph these windows prior to installing them. Here, I have actually stictched together two photos to produce a final image that will mimic these beveled windows in their final setting.

This was the first time I had used Action Bevels. I was very impressed with the precision shaped bevels they sent me. For the first time in my career, I acutally made use of the pattern that came with a beveled cluster instead of just throwing it away. This time, I actually taped it onto my full-size pattern and built these windows on top of it. I had to do almost no grinding on the bevels to make them fit right, a big change from the other bevels I have used.

Also, these clients chose to pay extra for a double-thick center cluster of bevels, a series that only Action Bevels offers in a ready-made format. Whereas most ready-made bevels are made from clear plate glass that's 5mm thick, the bevels in this design were made from 10mm thick plate glass. This greatly enhances the "beveled look." Not only do the beveled pieces stick out farther, enhancing the tactile experience of the stained glass, but they cast much better rainbows when hit by actual sunlight. To see a close-up of what double thick bevels look like, check out this other stained glass I made with double thick beveled glass.
action bevels detail <<< The image to the left shows the beveled panels installed on the staircase landing.

The 1.5" by 1.5" square bevels in the border and the background are normal stock bevels made by a different manufacturer with standard 3/16" plate glass
(almost identical with 5mm). I had to grind the bevels in the upper arched part of the border from squares into slighly pie-shaped pieces to get them to fit precisely.

These windows are constructed with 1/4" lead and 1/4" zinc. I used a significant amount of internal zinc to ensure the strength of these panels without the need for unsightly steel reinforcement bars.

The two border colors are a medium gray (which looks brown here) and an dark gray (which looks black here). The color between the bevels is a pale peacock blue.

If you're considering a custom artwork that includes bevels, read more about the use of bevels in my artworks.

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