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racine bible church stained glass


racine bible church stained glass


racine bible church stained glass






racine bible church stained glass


racine bible church stained glass



racine bible church stained glass
The photos above and below show the stained glass windows I did for Racine Bible Church in the fall of 2011.

racine bible church stained glass

I was first contacted by a man in the congregation who had done some stained glass himself, and so was given the task of finding the right artisan to design and craft two stained glass windows for the main sanctuary. These artworks, each consisting of four pie-shaped panels, were quite large and located very high up on the side walls of the sanctuary. In the course of corresponding about the project, he and I traded hundreds of emails concerning working out the logistics of such a large an inaccessible setting, and in fact, we became such good friends that I stayed with him and his wife on the two occasions that I traveled to Racine (the first time to make templates of the eight windows and the second time to install the completed stained glass panels).

I was honored to be selected for this commission, both because I am Jewish and because he had communicated to me that he was considering two local studios besides me for this project.

I believe that my willingness and eagerness to be available to answer questions and discuss possibilities is what won his confidence and eventually caused him to choose me.

Once I was chosen as the artist to create these stained glass windows, I flew to Racine, whereupon he and I went up in a rented lift to make paper patterns of all eight pie-shaped windows.

Designing the project involved working with a Design Committee made up of members of the congregation. After I asked questions that elicited the basics themes that would be acceptable, my first submission of designs included more than 40 drawings showing seven background designs paired with six foreground designs. These were then whittled down to less than a dozen possibilities, and further refinements suggested by the committee lead to the final two designs  being chosen. While the designs seem a bit on the simple side, that was necessary because they were to be mounted 35 feet in the air, far from the eyes of the congregation. The difficulty in doing this commission was to fabricate these simple but elegant designs with enough precision to ensure a tight fit and enough strength to never require any repairs or concerns.

The Design Committee allowed me to select the final glasses to be used, assured by me that my choices would be based on the colors shown in the final designs and a list of real glass selections sent to me by the man who had experience with stained glass and who had himself visited his local glass supplier to create a list of suggestions.

The fabrication of the panels took about two months. This was followed by a second trip to Racine with the completed panels in my van. My friend in the congregation helped me to install the stained glass.

The congregants were very happy with the results, and talk of doing other windows in the sanctuary was even brought up before I left Racine for the drive back to Denver.

racine bible church stained glass
The image to the right shows the size of the pie-shaped panels, which had to be strengthened with steel reinforcement bars to make the panels self-supporting. These "rebars" were bent to follow the leadlines of the design so that they would be hidden in the final artworks.
  The image to the left shows how high up the windows were mounted.

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