calla lily stained glass transom

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calla lily stained glass transom


calla lily stained glass transom


calla lily stained glass transom






calla lily stained glass transom


calla lily stained glass transom


stained glass lilies

I made this pair of stained glass transoms depicting calla lilies for a couple in Michigan who were unsuccessful in two attempts to commission these artworks from two local stained glass studios. Apparently, these clients had the too-common experience of artisans or studio owners that are lax about timely service to the customer. I have been made aware of this often in working with my clients; tales of other artisans promising quick service and then being too-often unavailable when communications are sought or disappearing altogether.

detail of stained glass liliesSo in their frustration, they went online to search for a stained glass artisan who believes in offering service with integrity. And that's me! I treat clients the way I would want to be treated as a client. I respond to emails or phone messages right away. I am available to answer questions or discuss ideas for however long it takes to address all of the clients questions, concerns, and desires. And finally, I never promise anything (drawings, final artworks, etc.) unless I can deliver on my promises.

In the competitive business culture in which we live, how would it be good business to act in any other way? In the last couple of decades, I have witnessed a number of stained glass studios that have gone out of business for one reason or another. And while there must be many legitimate and faultless reasons for ceasing operations, it amazes me that anyone would add to those reasons by giving poor service.

I love what I do for a living. I love working out the details of a commission and I love making artworks from which my clients will get a lot of enjoyment.

It is also my hope that what I made for these clients in Michigan turned out better than the artworks they might have commissioned from either of the local studios they contacted before me. Deciding to commission an artisan or studio far away cannot be an easy one. At the very least it means paying more for the shipping costs, and at most it means making a significant purchase from a person one will never meet face to face. I imagine the psychological aspects of that are significant, so I do my best to honor the trust involved by giving the best customer service I can manage.

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