hearthstone stained glass,hearthstone art,blizzard stained glass,blizzard art

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hearthstone stained glass,hearthstone art,blizzard stained glass,blizzard art


hearthstone stained glass,hearthstone art,blizzard stained glass,blizzard art


hearthstone stained glass,hearthstone art,blizzard stained glass,blizzard art






hearthstone stained glass,hearthstone art,blizzard stained glass,blizzard art


hearthstone stained glass,hearthstone art,blizzard stained glass,blizzard art


hearthstone stained glass for blizzard entertainment,blizzard art,blizzard artwork,blizzard stained glass
In the winnter and spring of 2016, I was commissioned by Blizzard Entertainment in Irvine California to make this Blizzard artwork in stained glass. The result is the image you see above. This artwork depicts the characters of Blizzard's Hearthstone, an app game that was being unveiled just as this artwork was being installed in the Irvine offices of team-Hearthstone. The photo I took came out poorly (as most photos of stained glass are wont to do), so the image above is a color-corrected version of the image below.

stained glass lightboxThe people at Blizzard were originally thinking of a window-mounted artwork but I suggested a lightbox. That worked even better for them as the meeting room where this artwork now hangs has no outside windows. They wanted an 8-foot stained glass, but the actual size had to be a few inches less since my work table is only 8 feet long. The lightbox, made by Denver Woodworking, was almost 9 feet long, and was lit by super-bright LED strip lights from Flexfire LEDs, one 8-foot strip of LEDs along the top and one strip along the bottom.

<<< The image to the left shows the artwork mounted to the wall. I probably state the obvious, but this was a difficult artwork to make. I used five sizes of lead came; 5/32  3/16  1/4  5/16 and 3/8 inch cames. Some were rounded came, some were flat came. Some were high-heart cames and some not so. By the time I was 20% into the leading process, my hands hurt so bad at the end of each workday that I could hardly touch things with my fingertips. I started sleeping with neosporin-coated-fingers-inside-flimsy-gloves every night so that my hands would be pain-free enough by morning to go back to work. Later on, when even that was not helping enough, I began using super-glue on the gouges in my fingertips. Although that helped significantly, I was greatly relieved when I finally finished the 6-week long construction phase.

The photos that follow are taken from updatestained glass lightbox photos I sent to Blizzard all throughout the making of this Hearthstone stained glass artwork. This first one >>> was the day I took possession of the lightbox I commissioned from Denver Woodworking. The back of the box is 3/4" wood topped with white Melamine, a plastic that gives a satin, reflective, formica-like surface. The strips of LEDs were mounted on aluminum rails just inside the front frame of the lightbox all along the top and bottom, thereby hidden but shining brightly on the melamine. A dimmer unit was mounted along with the LED transformer inside the lightbox, and ventilation holes were drilled and grilled-over at the time of installation (thanks to the competent facilities people at Blizzard). Although the photo above shows how many of the lighter glasses appear white to a camera, everything looks perfect to the human eye, particularly when such even lighting is achieved.

These next photos were taken during the construction phase of this Blizzard artwork. They
hearthstone stained glass irvine california,blizzard art,blizzard artwork,blizzard stained glass
 also show how poorly the glasses show up in the final photos of the window.
hearthstone stained glass in process             hearthstone stained glass project detail,blizzard art,blizzard artwork,blizzard stained glass

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