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poker art,poker decor,poker stained glass,poker trophy


poker art,poker decor,poker stained glass,poker trophy


poker art,poker decor,poker stained glass,poker trophy






poker art,poker decor,poker stained glass,poker trophy


poker art,poker decor,poker stained glass,poker trophy



poker stained glass,poker trophyI'm a poker player. I'm not good enough to play in tournaments, but I have played once a week with buddies of mine for over 30 years. As a poker player, I like to watch some of the poker tournaments that are televised on cable stations. I think the bracelets they give to the first-prize winners are really cool because they can be worn in public and to other tournaments. But the acrylic trophies and silver cup trophies they give out have always been somewhat less than impressive, in my opinion. So I decided to make one!

The poker tournament trophy artwork (say that five times fast!) shown here is waiting to immortalize YOUR victory in the poker world. The letterbox and the playing cards are actually blank (see the detail photos below). I added the lettering and the card-faces digitally so that you could see how this artwork might look after you buy it to commemorate your victory or that of a friend or loved one.

I chose Daniel Negreanu because he's my favorite professional poker player. Not only is he one of the very best, but he is never inappropriate at the table or anywhere else... always the nicest of guys.

The lettering is correct... Daniel Negreanu did win the WSOP, '08, $2000 Limit Hold'em tournament and walk away with the prize money shown. I could not find online the final hand that won him the tournament, so I made one up. I gave him a set of deuces on the flop and a full house on the river. I hope he doesn't mind.

poker stained glass,poker trophyWhen you order this artwork - or a different custom made one - to commemorate your victory, the lettering and the winning hand (included in the price) will both be personalized to fit your victory. They will be done in vinyl and affixed permanently to the artwork, just as you see here for Daniel's 2008 victory. An example of real vinyl lettering, already gracing one of my artworks can be seen here.

The photo to the right shows how this artwork looks right now, that is, without the lettering or the final hand added. In the actual artwork, the cards are whiter than they look here and the letterbox is actually a gorgeous pink and white swirl (handblown).

This artwork has a lot of sandblasted flash glass (two layers of glass fused together while the glass was still molten). The image below shows the $100 chips, which were made with black-on-white flash glass. By sandblasting through the black layer, the white layer is revealed. This photo also shows the true color of the oak frame.

poker stained glass,poker trophyBelow are two more close-up photos. The photo on the left shows the fireworks (stars) sandblasted into blue-on-clear flash glass. The stars look white because the stream of sand that blasted through the blue layer roughed up the clear glass underneath, making it look white. Unfortunately, you can also see the tree outside my living room window and my trash cans waiting for pickup behind the blue glass. The tree and the trash cans are not included with the artwork (sorry). The photo on the right shows the sandblasting in the stacks of chips. It also shows the true color of the orange and purple stacks of chips, which did not come out accurately in the main photo above.
poker stained glass,poker trophy  poker stained glass,poker trophy
While this artwork depicts a victory in a Texas Hold'em tournament, a victory for any form of poker could be captured forever in a custom made stained glass artwork. The style of this artwork also demonstrates the possibilities for stained glass to grace a card room or a game room in a home or commercial establishment.

Maybe the WSOP or the WPT will commission a bunch of these for their first prize winners at some future time. If so, the lettering could be modified to suit each event.

This poker tournament trophy artwork comes ready to hang in your home or office window. The stained glass part measures 18" by 24". With the oak frame, the final size is just over 21" by just over 27". The price of this artwork is $3200, and that includes the lettering and the winning hand (or the hand of your choosing) added to the artwork. Contact me to get a price that includes wood crating and fully insured shipping to your location.

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