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beveled glass options


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Beveled Options: Main Page

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NO Bevels or Clusters For Sale Here
I DON'T sell bevels. I only use them in artworks I make for my clients.
beveled glass options
beveled glass options

Ok... now that we've gotten rid of the many people who write to me wanting to buy bevels for their own glassmaking - or at least most of them - let's talk about bevels as a possible option for your leaded glass panels...

There are two ways of creating leaded glass artworks that contain bevels, [1] custom-made bevels and [2] stock bevels. Custom made bevels can be fabricated in any shapes and sizes, but are expensive because the cost is about $1.00 to $1.50 per inch for the circumference of every piece of beveled glass. Examples of custom-made bevels can be seen at page56.htm. Contact me if you wish to discuss artworks using custom-made bevels.

The high cost of custom-made bevels causes most clients who desire a beveled look to choose stock bevels instead. Stock bevels are readily available, already made beveled pieces of glass the come in  [1] clusters and [2] geometric shapes. 

Clusters are sets of bevels that form a pattern, usually symettrical and usually done on clear glass. Sometimes they come as glue-chipped bevels, which are more private because the clear-glass faces of each piece have been etched with a frost-like pattern.

Geometric shaped bevels means rectangles and squares, circles and ovals, diamonds, etc. These are often combined to make simple or elaborate borders, and sometimes used to make overall designs.

Stock bevels are usually surrounded by non-beveled glass - either clear textured glass or colored glass. Examples of stock bevels in my artworks can be seen at the following pages:

Now that you have a sense of what beveled options there are, the next step is CHOOSING BEVELS YOU MIGHT WANT ME TO USE...

The LINKS below will take you to images of individual bevels and beveled clusters that are generally available. The object is to make a list of bevels that you like, and forward that list to me, whereupon I will respond with my thoughts about which selections might work best and why.

As you're looking at the images of bevels and beveled clusters, please keep the SIZE of your stained glass artwork in mind. Try to select beveled clusteres that will fit nicely into the artwork you are considering having made. If you are unsure whether a cluster is the wrong size, include it in the list of possibilities you give me, and we'll discuss whether it fits well enough for further consideration.

PLEASE TAKE NOTES. It's a lot to look at, so I've tried to make it easier by [1] separating the types of bevels onto different web pages, and [2] clearly numbering each image.

The more you can tell me about the bevels you like, the quicker I can find them myself. Some people give me just the catalog number, which is ok. But quicker for me is when someone emails something like, "image 12, second row, fourth cluster." (Then we're already friends becuase it means you actually read this.

Once you've gathered the info for the clusters you like, please email this information to me. With this input and the basics of your setting (size, shape, light level, privacy level), I can review your desires and get back to you with input on which bevels I think might fit best. I would also provide pricing information for each of the selections chosen. If that quote was agreeable to you, a minimal down payment would be followed by me creating one or more scale drawings showing the bevels you have selected and incorporating whatever other relevant information we had discussed. Then, I would create a private web page showing the drawings and email you the URL so you could review and comment on those designs. This feedback and redesigning would continue until you were happy with the result. An example of a set of beveled designs I did for a client can be seen here.


Small Bevel Clusters
Medium Bevel Clusters
Large Bevel Clusters

Bevel Border Designs - combine with geometric shapes to make ornate borders
Geometric Bevel Shapes - squares, circles, diamonds, rectangles, etc.
Miscellaneous Bevel Shapes - beveled leaves, flowers, animals, religious icons, etc.
Elements - small
bevel clusters designed to combine into larger designs (example - here)

Once you have a list compiled, you can email me here